Starting clomid, Timing ?

  1. Starting clomid, Timing ?

    i'm finishing my ph cycle today and starting my clomid pct tomorrow 50/50/50/50, should halve the pill and do 25 in the morning and 25 at night or the whole 50mg in morning or evening?

  2. doesnt matter half life is liek 3 days or something
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  3. thanks, should i do a natty test booster at the end??

  4. i prefer one but thats just me
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  5. so if it has a half life of three days will 50mg a day for four weeks be too much that'll be 350mg a week

  6. Quote Originally Posted by liftingAddict View Post
    so if it has a half life of three days will 50mg a day for four weeks be too much that'll be 350mg a week
    idk what the halflife is, its long just look it up. what i was getting at is dosing time dosent matter cuz it stays in your blood for a while.

    and no, 50mgs x 4 weeks is pretty common dosing
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  7. thanks for the info. one last question and cheap high quality natty t boosters you recommend??

  8. im a fan of CEL's pct assist, thats just me tho.
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  9. just my opinion i take clomid before bed, all of it.....that way im im not emotional durring the day....ya ya happens we all know it....

  10. I've always just taken my dose before bed. Works.

  11. I took my clomid pre-workout and i felt awesome

  12. I don't know if it really matters when you take it,.. but in my mind, estrogen increases at night, so it makes sense to me to take it before bed.
    Think training's hard,. try losing!

  13. Also, there has been some debate on wether or not a natty test booster is really needed at all,.. you will have to research, and make a decision for yourself!!
    Think training's hard,. try losing!

  14. half life for clomid is 3-5 days i think.

    therefore it wouldnt matter.

    thinking it helps pre-workout or making you less emotional taken pre-bed would be a placebo imo.
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