Pill Nolva vs Liquid Nolva

  1. Pill Nolva vs Liquid Nolva

    What do you guys think? is one more effective than the other?

  2. I would def prefer pills over chems if i had the choice. chems are much easier to get, just something about putting a "research chemical" in my body that isnt as appealing.

    As far as effectiveness, liqiud is usually underdosed. I believe the one i have now converts something like 30mg liqu****20mg pill due to the carrier.

  3. Yea thats exactly why I was asking, because Chem nolva is so much easier to get and so much faster to get than pills, and same here alittle iffy about putting chems in me, but then again, and also taking anabolics so.. haha

  4. Yeah, it really cant be much worse than AAS. There are legit script sites out there, I have never been ripped of from ordering medical nolva but then again research chems have never failed me either.

  5. Tastes like **** vs Tastes like long delivery time

  6. Rubbish liquid pill its all the same unless if buying a brand. It's all made from raw powder and potency has nothing to do with whether its capped , liquid or pressed into a pill It's 100% dependent on the lab that make it

  7. i prefer pills
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