pct layout

  1. pct layout

    First of all thanks in advance for any help. So somewhere around December i plan to run Trena-Plex by Anabolic Formulations. The compound is Estra-4, 9-diene-3, 17-dione at 30mg per cap. If any anyone has used it or something similar, feed back would be awesome.
    For pct im going run clomid. But after that im not sure what to run with clomid. I was thinking a good test booster and then either inhibit-e or lean xtreme. Does anyone have any suggestions? What should my dosage look like for the clomid. How long should my pct last? Is 4-5 weeks sufficient or does it need to be extended.
    Sorry for all the questions. This would be my first cycle and i just want to make sure i dont lose gains. Its hard to find all the answers im looking for by just reading around lol. Thanks again

  2. hey man i would dose the clomid 35,35,25,25 along with sustain alpha and TCF-1. should have u at full swing in no time. no need for any other test boosters but if you had extra cash and you wanted to spend it on your PCT toco-8 and endoamp would be somthing to look into.
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  3. Thanks for the reply. Any other suggestions on test boosters etc. Also should i run some kind of support supplements while on cycle. Or will a good multi-vitamin, p-5-p and fishoil be sufficient?

  4. I would do like endoamp, TCF-1, and Testopro or something.
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by fightbackhxc View Post
    I would do like endoamp, TCF-1, and Testopro or something.
    run clomid 50/50/50/50 (can run 5 weeks, i would, not harm in it)

    endoamp (i think cort. control?) start week 3, test booster start day 1
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  6. dont need inhibit since youre using clomi. run clomi 50mgs x 4 weeks

    may want to stack pct assist alongside
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  7. Never heard of this compound? What is it. Cant find anything online about it. From the name it looks like a Tren/PP compund??

  8. I agree, clomid 35,35,25,25 along with sustain alpha and TCF-1 would be great for a pct.
    also might want to add in T-911 with it for labido.

  9. Run Cycle Assist and PCT Assist along with Clomid, TCF-1 and mayba a cort product.


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