Best natty test booster?

  1. Best natty test booster?

    Sup guys in y'alls opinion what is one of the best natty test boosters?

    i did test/tren pct'd with clomid 50/50/50/50 nolva 40/40/20/20

    got blood work and my free test is on the low side and test seems to be a little low.

    ive been reading about tcf-1 and it looks pretty good, would it be fine to run this solo and get my test back up and running quicker?

  2. Hey man, I don't claim to be an expert, and I been looking into the best post cycle natty test booster to add too, but maybe we can help each other in this thread.

    From the reading I been doing it seems that there are a few that come up repeatedly with good reviews.

    1. Diesel test.
    2. Activate Xtreme
    3. AI's post cycle support
    4. Reversitol V2
    5. and even Formadrol I seen a bunch.

    I suppose some just say too just a basic trib supplement.

    Now, I'll mention the 1st 2 seem to be pulling ahead slightly with Reversotol V2 close behind. These seem to be the favorites from what I read.

    My confusion is if these are "OK" to use post cycle or if they do MORE or not enough to support proper sexual urges/functions. Meaning are they an AI too, cortisol control, do they support function too or just libido?!?? It's damn confusing! lolzzz

    So, maybe we'll both get some solid answers in here.

    (Oh yeah, again, no pro, but shouldn't the Clomid be tapered down too?)


  3. I'd stack TCF-1 with Sustain Alpha

  4. s.a.n. myotest

  5. inhibit e or formestane plus pct assist is a great stack
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  6. Ive used a few test booster and my favs are pct assist or test drive
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  7. You don't want to take an AI ontop of nolva or clomid though.

  8. I like PCT Assist and AI's Post Cycle Support

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Killerkanadia View Post
    You don't want to take an AI ontop of nolva or clomid though.
    ..and why not?

    I use an AI the first 2 weeks of my clmoid/nolva PCT.


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