i am 19 years old, 2009 Mr. Teenage TN
    i came off steroids around the end of january beginning of Febuary cold turkey stop. i did not use a post cycle, took some nolvadex when i can off about 3 weeks later went through a bottle (Tamoxifen). Had my levels checked last month estrogen was low but my testosterone was about half of normal. in the last 2 months have experienced loss of sex drive and erection and get tired easily. i have experienced also loss of testicular size. my plans are to now do 500iu a day of HCG for 3 weeks along with 1000iu a day of Viatmin E to help the HCG. i was also planning on taking 20mg/a day of aromasin for 4 weeks and 20mg/a day of nolvadex for 6 weeks along with the hcg
    (that combination of anti-estrogens do to the fact nolvadex will greatly decrease the blood plasma levels of letrozole and armiadex and aromasin cuts off estrogen production totally)

    i was also planning on taking dostinex or prami do to the fact i think my prolactin is messed up do to trenbalone use(at times i shake especially when i get slightly cold lactating gyno) and like i said erection problems.(.5mg twice first week moving up to 1mg twice per week 5-6 weeks)

    i was told by the doctor me being 19 years old eventually my levels will go back to normal if i just leave everything alone, but im not waiting and im not settling for that bs when i know i can do something about it.

    do you think my idea of PCT is a good idea? please leave feedback asap!

    Week Nolvadex HCG Aromasin Vitamin E
    1 20mgs/day 500iu/day 20mgs/day 1,000iu/day
    2 20mgs/day 500iu/day 20mgs/day 1,000iu/day
    3 20mgs/day 500iu/day 20mgs/day 1,000iu/day
    4 20mgs/day 20mgs/day
    5 20mgs/day
    6 20mgs/day

    im not sure if i need to add testosterone to this to get my levels up before i do the pct

    the doctor said my test levels were half of normal and my estrogen very low, estrogen so low that if it gets any lower id have to be checked for heart disease.

    what is the best thing i can do?
    i was told by a few members they think my testes are firing again and i just need to do a normal pct clomid nolva and aromasin, im confused

    i have also read that toremifen is as good if not better than clomid and the nolva would have a negative effect on restarting my natural LH

    would the best thing to do is hcg for a while at a certain dose then come off and do clomid for a while?

  2. This is why you shouldn't do steroids when you are young. I know you want to be a pro but these are the consequences. Your endocrine system is not fully developed and cant recover well from from the beating you put on it.

    I would stop self medicating yourself and listen to your doctor. Get a second opinion if needed. Stop fking yourself up worse than you already have.

  3. welcome to the forum primal =]

  4. Quote Originally Posted by deadaim View Post
    welcome to the forum primal =]
    sup bro

  5. Same as you, keeping the youngsters educated

  6. What other levels besides test and estro do you hve can you post up ur full blood test results


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