Cortisol-Control for P-Mag??

  1. Cortisol-Control for P-Mag??

    im going to be starting a 5 week cycle of P-mag running CEL's Cycle Assist as a pre-load for 2 weeks and running it through the P-Mag cycle...but do i really need a cortisol control like DS's Lean Xtreme in my PCT?

    my cycle looks like this (if anyone can correct it please let me know)
    CEL's Cycle Assist (pre-load 2 weeks before P-Mag) run through end of P-Mag Cycle
    P-Mag 50/75/75/75/75 (5 week cycle) *not sure if i should do 2 weeks of 50mg instead of 1?*
    then day after P-Mag cycle:
    CEL's PCT Assist (4 weeks)
    tamoxifen citrate 20/20/10/10

    heres the question, is the PCT assist enough of a test booster or should i SWITCH the entire PCT assist product with something like SANs MyoTest..
    and is it completely necessary to also add in the cortisol control from DS's Lean Xtreme? or any other products to add in my cycle or remove from my cycle let me know



  2. pct assist is better than Myotest imo and im sure a lot of ppl's on here. its a forum fav.

    you dont need a cortisol control product, but something like reduce xt or suppress c would help keep fat off during your recovery period which is nice (especially midsection fat).
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  3. Stick with PCT assist, IMO. I used that same PCT combo + Lean Xtreme and Fenugreek and it worked pretty well. I set all my PRs in PCT, and aside from the restart being a little dicey in the first 2 weeks everything was fine. The fenugreek seemed to help alot for whatever reason.
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  4. i just started a 5 week cortisol control suppliment called suppress-C. I just started it last week and am not sure if it is helping. I have also changed my diet and workout im giving it three weeks before i would contribute any weight loss too it. However does that cycle assist really help its seems everyone on here is taking goal is to loss 15lbs and 10 percent body fat. Would it help?

  5. pct assist kicks ass, youre fine. keep what ya got you'll be a pct assist fan soon
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