Ahhh this is doin my nut in!

  1. Ahhh this is doin my nut in!

    Hello all, first time posting on here so hi , right I don't no if this is in the right section but I checked all parts on this forum and couldn't find the jw section! Right I must of red aleast 100+ reviews on jw and I'm currently on my 5th day and alls goin well! Planning on runnin it for 4weeks but might do the full 8. As for pct I've got 6-oxo as I've red that's all good for a pct after jw! The part of all this that's doin my nut in is I keep hearin people goin on about there takin nolva with there pct!! I personaly think a serm is abit to much for jw but like many I do get abit para about the old gyno poppin up lol! Now I did have pubesent gyno when I was like 14, there was no puffy nips or thay were not sensetive but I did have lumps behind my nips and the doc said thayed go away, whitch thay did! Now at 25 and decided to start dabbling in ph/ds ect ect I'm scared that the old gyno is goin to show his face again lol. As I said I'm on day 5 of jw and my left nip is alittle sensetive, but I understand that there's a diffrence between puffy and sensetive nips and full blown gyno! Like many threads and posts I've red on jw it seems that the only people gettin gyno from jw are the peeps that have done aas/ph in the past and jw has just made it flare up again,I have not taken anythin like this or any aas or phs on the past. Now I have no problem in takin novla but I can't find any uk websites that sell it, only us sites! Is nolva really needed? Just heard sooo many diffrent things I don't know what to belive anymore lol. Any help I would be very very greatfull. Sorry if this is in the wrong section but as I said I did search and couldn't find were this should go. Cheers guys

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  3. Sorry mate lol I'm on my phone!

  4. Please anyone?

  5. No? Brilliant!

  6. You shouldn't need Nolva for JW, but I have learned to have some on hand just in case gyno flares up. I had a gyno flare months after any hormonal usage, and luckily I had Nolva on hand to clear it up.


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