Anyone ever had to sign for overseas Clomid?

  1. Anyone ever had to sign for overseas Clomid?

    Hey all, I ordered some clomiphene citrate tablets from overseas and they came today, but I was at work, I have to go sign form them at the post this normal procedure for overseas shipping? Clomid tabs arent illegal to have in the US are they without a script? If so I dont want em

  2. Of course they are illegal to have without a script, by all means, send them my way! I get my clomid from overseas and I sign for it.

  3. I see! So they are illigal....I aint puttin my signature on anthing...they can send them back and I will get my cash back and buy the research chemical

  4. I have just read that if I have under like a 90 day supply and they are for personal use they are legal

  5. I've signed for HCG before...

  6. yes, no problem. not worried about getting busted for having breast cancer drugs lol
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  7. yeah....its not even illegal to have clomid from long as its for personal use- or so I have read DO NOT QUOTE anyways I got it today....tasted it(Didnt actually take it just put it in my mouth for a sec) It is nasty and all chalky and it came in sealed Blister looks 100% legit


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