need assistance in finding..

  1. need assistance in finding..


    found this great website as im looking to start a 6 week cycle of x-tren for the first time, and learned Clomid is the best to take due to progesterone sides..

    however, im having a veryyyyyy hard time finding Clomid and ive been looking at this forum for a while and it seems liek everyone has it like its an OTC or something haha.

    does anyone know the best way for me to get hands on, not sure if any buddies I know have the stuff (highly doubt it) and want to take the safest way..i thought the PCT was going to be easier to get than the x-tren but definitely the opposite way.

  2. and this is an email i got from a guy i know thats selling me the x-tren in regards to PCT, not sure if i trust him?

    "I've taken tren at 90-120mg a day for 45-60 days atleast 4 times and never experienced any gyno. I have also sold it to most of the guys at my gym some of whom have taken 180 mg a day for 60 days and I've never had anyone tell me they got gyno. As far a pct just take inhibit e or novedex xt. Both can bought at several websites and work fine."

    also read that something like CEL's PCT ASSIST may do the trick for x-tren, just need some feedback (i know sources arent allowed to be posted but any kind of information would help)

  3. Google "research chems"

    You could get away with an OTC PCT, maybe something like pct assist, inhibit e and a trusted test booster.

  4. ffs lol.
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

  5. As has been stated earlier google research chems clomid and or online pharmacies. Don't complain about worrying about trusting research chems or the like. That is part of the risk so just accept it. You're putting chems that can alter your endocrine system profoundly and taking risk. So accept the equal part of the pct risk and do what you have to. If not, don't do the cycle of tren. Either that or switch to a much less harsh steroid like hdrol where you can probably get away with an otc pct. Not trying to be a di**, just pointing out you really don't want to be one of those guys that has everything go wrong with tren do ya?

  6. no i do not, thats why im going to take p-mag which is like h-drol but for bulking and will be taking Nolva as a PCT..hopefully thatll be a safer bet

    is there a big difference in gains tho?

  7. Did one of pmag and loved it. Three months post and have managed to keep a net of seven pounds. Cycle felt good and gains really started kicking in around week three. Did low dose nolva/clomid for pct x4 weeks then t-booster and lean extreme. Haven't done hdrol but as pointed out very similar with the exception of being more of a cutter compared to pmag being more of a bulking product.


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