Just finished bulk cycle.. How long after until cut cycle can start?

  1. Just finished bulk cycle.. How long after until cut cycle can start?

    I've only done 3 cycles ever.. My first one was when I was 21 and it was a 1-AD / 4-AD prohormone cycle and since then I've done 2 Test-E cycles with the latest ending in about 4 weeks; I'm on my PCT part now.

    I want to run an Anavar cycle this summer to get cut. I was thinking something light, like maybe 50mg ED just to maintain muscle while I increase cardio more than anything.

    Do you think there would be a concern starting a light Anavar only cycle 3 weeks after ending my current post cycle? Or would that be to traumatic on the body?

    EDIT- Keep in mind I'm 24 now, and all of my past cycles have been about a year apart.

  2. Most people would get shut down with var only at 50mg ED.

  3. you need to wait man- Time ON+PCt=time off AT least..... I ran a 4 week cycle did a four week pct....so I waited 8 weeks before next cycle....well im actually waiting only 7 which I dont reccomend to anyone but my blood levels check out

  4. var is worthless, 50mgs x 8 weeks = hdrol. save your cash
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