poor pct leading to muscle loss and fat gain?

  1. poor pct leading to muscle loss and fat gain?

    Ok I'm almost 100% sure this is a newb question so please bare with me, i searched but not any answer i'm specifically looking for.

    I did a cycle of havoc back in jan, and did pct with tamo (nolva), shortly after pct I noticed i shrunk in size, the weight scale says i lost a good 10lbs that I was trying to keep, and my belly fat started forming as well as little fat around the nips, I didnt measure out exactly how much tamo to take each day I kind of just measured 1ML on a vial and just eyed it from there. It wasnt extreme that I was becoming obese but it certainly felt like the cycle didnt do much.

    can poor PCT cause this weight loss? that was my first cycle and I didnt take cycle support like i should have. I will also admit that I usually omit breakfast from my day (this isnt something new, never really ate breakfast period)

    any insights?... estrogen rebound?.... poor levels of cortisol? or is my body just going back to the fat% it was before cycle? (which was around 10%)

  2. so u did 20/20/20/20 nolva
    that should be good for after havoc

    maybe its diet

  3. A few things, I won't belabor the point that this was not a very well executed out cycle. You have to eat ALOT on and during pct. Lifting has to remain intense. Proper pct to get hormone levels back to normal asap. Once you body clears of all the synthetic hormone you will have a huge deficit with estrogen dominating. Protein turnover occurs in the presence of test. With very low levels it don't happen as well, and if your pct, diet, and training aren't on point your body will catabolize that muscle. When estrogen is high and test low, it is easy to get fat. You will probably bounce back fine. You have to follow through post cycle, it's more important than the cycle itself. Getting gains is easy work, keeping them is the hardest thing to do. Good luck.

  4. diet / training / sleep - other factors.

    dont expect to be as strong or keep 100% of the muscle, i mean if you lose a lb or two its ok.
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