AI help

  1. AI help

    hey guys I have had high estrodial levels ever since my last cycle. they are going down but its making very slow progress. I want to speed it up by throwing in a low dosed AI. like .25 to .5 mgs every other day for a few weeks then going every 2 days and every 3 days till im eventually off. would i be better off just waiting and letting my body metabolize it by itself? It cant take too much longer can it? If you guys think its going to take a lot longer then i am probably going to go with the AI. im just sick of having no sex drive and weak erections. I was thinking arimidex. how would I avoid dropping my E2 levels too low and how do i avoid rebound? can anyone come up with a good schedule for doses for me?

    I really appreciate it,


  2. Aromasin (Exemestane) 12.5mg EOD.

  3. for how long? why aromasin over other ai's? how do i taper off of it?

  4. arimidex 0.25mg E3D + sustain alpha - 6 weeks.
    Back.... for real this time


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