I'm 24 years old i just dropped 10 pounds ( for some leagues im done with now) and currently weigh 202-205, Im 6' tall. The most i ever got up to was 215 lbs.. I have a 32-33 waist and have been working out since high school, but have been seriously dedicated for over a year now. Tired of prohormones and am growing impatient so this is what my conclusion is:

i have (4) 10ml vials of test/deca 200 (2) each.

Week 1-10 : 500mg(2cc) every week of testosterone
Week 1-8 : 400mg(2cc) every week of deca

thats how i plan on running it.

My question is what are the supplements to be taken along side?? Ive heard take nolva(on cycle) but when in the 10 weeks do i start taking it? What are some other good supps to run during and post cycle?? (FYI: i value my hair very much) and whats the best pct supps to be taken? any and all feedback is much appreciated thank you

The only Nolva and Clomid I can grab discriptions are:

LiquiNolva 30ml @ 25mg/ml..how would i run that CC/ML wise?


LiquiClom 30ml @ 50mg/ml..how would i run this CC?ML wise?

I really want to jump start getting everything lined up that i need so i can start ASAP...ive browsed tons of forums that others have posted and never heard more contradicting facts on the same subject in my life. So i figure just start my own i wont start until it makes sense.

ANY and ALL feedback is much appreciated thank you!!