I ran a four-week P-Plex cycle last December, and didn't have a solid PCT. I experienced some side effects, and my hormone levels got screwed. In January I had blood work done which revealed my serum test levels to 388 (reference interval 280-800) and my total estrogen to be 120 (RI 40-115). I figured this was due to shutdown and estrogen rebound, and was told by an endocrinologist that these levels would normalize over time.

I had a second test done this past Tuesday, and found out that my test serum is now 333, and my free test is 8.7 (RI 9.3-26.5). I feel normal and thought that after five months my system should normalize. However, my test is still low, and I'm afraid this will negatively impact my training unless I take exogenous test (example, test cream). Problem is, I have no idea what my hormone homeostasis levels were before going on cycle, but something tells me that as a 20 y/o male they should have been higher. Maybe I've always had a low natural test level, which accounts for a history of struggling in the gym.