PCT Questions

  1. PCT Questions

    Starting my PCS from a 6 Week H-drol cycle.
    I have liquid Torem and Clomid in hand to choose from.
    Serm questions:
    Clomid dosage seems rather overwhelmingly to be 50/50/50/50.
    Torem recommendations seem to be 120 for 3 days then 90/60/30/30
    How's that sound for Torem?

    Test Booster Questions:
    I have Anabolic Innovations Post Cycle Support. Is that enough of a test booster? Should I resume my Swole Stack that I have on hand in addition?
    I thought that the test booster begins the day after completion of the cycle (along with the serm). I have just read in more than one post to start it on week 2 or 3. What gives?

    I have Reduce XT. Still not sure if most people recommend using it or not.
    If I do use it, is it at the beginning of week 3? Dosage?

  2. just use clomi 50mgs 4 weeks.

    AI PCS is enough for a test booster.

    use reduce xt week 2 or 3 as directed
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

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