torn acl D1 college football player .. guide to fast recovery

  1. torn acl D1 college football player .. guide to fast recovery

    i recently tore my acl in springball and am gettin surgery very soon. Was wondering of any supplements/hormone products that could help me recover fast to get me back in about a 5 month range. i am getting the patella tendon graft. also any advice at all on ways to get back faster whether it be exercise techniques or rehabilitation advice. any info that could help me get back on the field as fast as possible would be greatly appreciated

  2. As a D1 football player, don't you have a staff of.. um, about 40 coaches, physicians, and trainers to answer these questions for you? As far as supplements go, every college athlete knows its very easy to take and over the counter supplement and still test positive for PEDs. Again, the staff available to you is your best bet in that area. Of course, if you go to a big enough D1 school, you could drink steroids and you'd still pass a drug test with flying colors...

  3. The best advice I can give u about rehab is too stick with it, even when u don't want to. Rehab sucks, u will hate it. Make sure your diet is healthy. Make sure u take vitamins, omega 3s, etc. Make sure u get plenty of rest. Your body heals itself during sleep. Don't cause yourself extra stress if u aren't progressing as fast as u think u should. Extra stress is bad for recovery.

    Keep a positive attitude about recovery and u will be back in the game as soon as possible.

    Good luck buddy.

  4. appreciate it ! and yes as to the first responder i do have numerous staff members at my school... but still none will recommend anything that could effect a drug test or cause me potential harm in any way. though i am not really willing to take anything that could potentially harm me i have heard igf1 and ghrp 6 are both good products and when stopped prior to a drug test will not test positive in a piss test.
    also, any supplements that anyone knows of like wobenzym,udos oil, and stuff like that they could recommend to speed up the healing process. i appreciate all the support and help in my recovery back.

  5. also am i in the proper forum for my topic/question. Or is there somewhere else i can post where i can get more replies? thank you!

  6. pcs...I am also a college football player d2....and have torn my acl mcl meningcus. First off, the surgery is quite miserable you are pretty much laying on your couch playing Madden and depressed for two weeks.I chose to take a piece of my hamstring in order to repair it which was a huge mistake, my hamstring is still not the same.Main thing you have to focus on is getting the full range of motion back in the leg. It's going to be extremely hard to be back to 100 percent in 5 months but i'm sure you've been told that. Make sure you do all the rehab they give you, balance is huge, and it's very depressing after surgery when you look down at your quadricep.
    You pretty much are starting all over again with every muscle in the leg you had the surgery on. What I did was look at it as an opportunity to get some serious size and strength in my upper body as well as rehabing my ass off. You have to go in every day with a chip on your shoulder. You really have to push it on the bike. Depending on what position you play (I am a Defensive End) you will get fitted for a brace. Unfortunately I got the very bulky lineman one that you see on all college fat offensive lineman. The brace takes alot of getting used too but once you do it's fine. I wouldn't worry about any supplements but eat right and if you need to pack on some mass nows the time. Good luck and let me know if you have anymore questions.

  7. GHRP-6 or 2 (2 is more potent, but 6 increases appetite) + mod GRF[1-29] would be your best bet (and they're undetectable). They greatly amplify your natural GH production, and if you use quality stuff it works A LOT faster than HGH. I'd also throw in some Cissus for good measure.

  8. bigken and gator.. i appreciate the advice.. ball out this season bigken. ill let u know how my recovery goes!


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