Rate my pct

  1. Rate my pct

    I will be doing derma lv and dymethazine
    weeks 1-6 derma lv weeks 2-6 d zine.
    hcg 250iu every 4 days on
    Heres is my question some people believe youi should start two weeks before pct.

    So maybe take fromestane the last three weeks on cycle. what dose?
    after d zine weeks 7-11 will be nolva 20/20/10/10
    with testosterone recovery stack and tcf1 from primordial.
    maybe another test booster like testopro around week ten.

    Questions how long after last hcg shot should I wait or when should the last shot be? I know some of you will think the hcg is overkill but I have it free and my roomate will use it if I do not.

    Is clomid needed?

  2. anybody?

  3. your nolva doses look fine. I dont really know too much about the other stuff your using. Never tried it.

  4. hcg on a non inject cycle and only 6 weeks is way overkill bro. The nolva is fine , Id start the formestane week 3 of PCT along with Testopro

  5. sweet sanchez i actually saved some pct advice you gave to someone else on a epi cycle. good advice

  6. no problem bro good luck with ur cycle

  7. and i forgot to mention if you already bought The Test recovery stack from primordial then no need for testopro and formestane but either one of those stacks with the nolva is more than g2g


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