which route to go for a serm

  1. which route to go for a serm

    which is the best way to go, buy as a research chem or from online pharmacy?i hope i can ask this or not.i've found both, just not sure which one is safest.

  2. A lot of people Ive asked have said to just go with a liquid source from some research website.

  3. they should both be the same.

    Thing is you're not 100% guaranteed that it's Nolva/Clomid or whatever in the first place.

    My point is, if you go to an online pharmacy chances are it's offshore and has little to NO safety precautions. Meaning it is unregulated. Hopefully you're getting what it is you're buying but there is always the chance you're not. Or that it's unsanitary because the environment it was made in.

    Then research chemicals on the other hand can be made in a similar fashion and environment.

    So the message here being, either way you are equally as likely to get or not get what you intended to buy in the first place.

    The legal factors.. You're are taking FAR less risk buying a domestically sold research chemical that will not be sent through customs vs buying from an offshore pharmacy that may be on a DEA watch list already. Make no mistake, there are hundreds of offshore pharmacies that are being monitored by the DEA in an effort to stop such shipments from coming to the US.

  4. That was some good info, thank you, but now I have another question, with the research chems, I found a couple sites, some have research chems, and then some have jost bodybuilding oriented formulas, which would I be safer with there?I'm new to this and I couldn't find a whole lot of info on which is the safer route

  5. I would say, if you know of a reliable online pharmacy, then use it. Your getting pharm grade product, so it wont be underdosed. And SERMs are cheap to produce, meaning your more than likely not going to get bunk pharm grade meds...

  6. I think you'll still have the same problem. How do you know who is legit and who isn't ? An offshore pharmacy isn't going to post on their site that they're ripping you off with bunk products. Neither is a research chemical company.

    There are legit options for both. Do you have any friends or know anyone who has bought one or the other. That'd be the best bet.

  7. nope, i dont know anybody who has.

  8. no one really makes fake serms, they just scam you.

    only thing about reserach chems is they maybe underdosed.
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  9. honestly it's probably tit for tat with liquid research chems vs pharm...

    i've used both and haven't had issues with either... but who knows whether they were underdosed, it probably doesn't matter all that much when it comes to serms, they are going to work similarly at 10mg, 20mg, and 40mg ed for nolva.

    altho i would like to suggest using aromatase inhibitors over serms... they don't have the beneficial effects on lipids that SERMS do but usually less liver toxic, work just as well, and for me they are WAY more tolerable as far as libido/mood.

  10. ive found some research chemicals but they are suspended in alcohol, why?
    and also is it safe

  11. Quote Originally Posted by fudge View Post
    ive found some research chemicals but they are suspended in alcohol, why?
    and also is it safe
    bout as safe as taking steroids there
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