Nolvadex suspended in Alcohol or any form of alcohol in it?

  1. Nolvadex suspended in Alcohol or any form of alcohol in it?

    Hey....okay strange question I know....but I am a recovering alcoholic....and I have read that some research chems are suspended in alcohol....I am getting ready to run a ph cycle where I will need nolvadex for my pct....But I will not run the cycle if nolvadex has alcohol of any form in it....Thanks for the time and info! If nolvadex does contain alcohol or is suspended in it what about Clomid???

  2. best bet is to got back to the research company and ask for your research purposes if both tamox and clomid are suspended in alcohol or have it in it....other choice is to get pharm grade nolva (pills), I'm sure you can get some if you google hard enough

  3. yeah going with the pills....the liquid does have alcohol in it....thanks man

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