Best Time to Take Inhibit E and Reduce XT

  1. Best Time to Take Inhibit E and Reduce XT

    I'll begin my PCT from an Alpha One cycle in 2 weeks and I'm running the Nolva 40/20/20/10. I was wanting some suggestions on when the best time to begin the Reduce XT and the Inhibit E so I can get the best results.

  2. since you have nolva you dont need inhibit. but if you want to take it anwaysy, 1 cap am 1 cap pre bed. and when youre down to 1 cap, take it pre bed.

    reduce just follow the directions, i think they say split it up throught the day.
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  3. If they're both AI's like I think that they are, just pick one, start it the third week of PCT, ramp up, then taper back down over maybe four, five weeks. Tapering down can be important to avoid estro rebound, IF you believe in estro rebound. Personally, I do.
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  4. ^^reduce xt is a cort control supp

    SK........geekpoop got you covered mang!

  5. thanks guys

  6. I would start both during the last wk of nolva. Thats when I starting mine, 4th wk of clomid.


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