Anyone ever use GL Nolva? Is it real or fake?

  1. Anyone ever use GL Nolva? Is it real or fake?

    I came across this Nolva tab online, they have the whole oral PH and pct start with the name GP such as GP Nolva, GP Clomid, etc.

    It was made by Geneza Pharmaceuticals. Anyone ever use it? What do you think?

    I hope I dont violate the board rule since I dont mention source...

    Thank you

  2. ive heard of em havnt really read much up on em just run a google search see other peoples inputs

  3. I was using their Adex on my test/ anavar cycle and it was top notch. I am now using their Nolva in PCT.

    Good lab and all of their orals are g2g. Nothing but good ratings from users in other forums as well.

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