Nolva PCT and AI Questions

  1. Nolva PCT and AI Questions

    Was doing a bit more research before starting a cycle and wanted to check something with the more experienced crew about PCTs. This is following a Finaflex Ripped Cycle I'm putting together.

    1) Nolvadex (Yes the SERM and not the OTC) still needs an AI to go along with it correct? I picked up some Inhibit-E to stack along side my PCT Assist or is that overkill? And what should the dosing of Inhibit-E be? I've seen 2/2/1/1 and I've read in some places you do the reverse of your SERM so that it increases as your SERM dose decreases.

    2) Most posts say Nolvadex is taken 40/40/20/20 but what if you broke it down 40/30/20/10? Would that ease the body off of it better?

  2. you dont need an AI but can run one if you want.

    i would run nolva 20/20/10/10
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