1. Nolvadex

    This was my 4th cycle. I started with M-Drol at 20mg for one week and had bad sides, so I switch directley over to my Phera-Plex cycle in which I was planning on bridging the two. Anyways, after about two weeks I developed a heart arthymia, I know right, just bad timing to cycle I guess. Doc said I would be fine. So I started my PCT: Nolvadex at 20mg, cycle assist. I was wondering, how long should I use the nolvadex, I usually do 4 weeks but thats after a 6 week cycle. I dont feel too shut down either, my boys seem to be almost back. I've been on PCT for 8 days.

  2. just because your boys feel good and dont feel shut down should not decide how long you do pct! i'm not raggin on you but you should have had this all planned prior to the cycle. some do time on = time off, others prefer time on plus pct = time off. You should get bloodwork done just to be safe dude. having your heart irregularity is not something to f$#% around with. good luck!!!!!!!

  3. 20/20/10/10 to be safe.

    Sucks that happened but im gathering you were using for a total of about 2-3 weeks tops right? If thats the case i would stick to the 20/20/10/10 run.

    Good Luck with everything!!

  4. Pct for 2-3 will suffice if you were only on cycle for 2 weeks..

  5. Yeah I was planning on the 2 weeks of PCT and adding in an AI for the 3rd. I had blood work done when I went to the doctor for my heart. Everything came back normal and my heart irreagularity was stressed based with an added methyl to help amp me up even more. My heart has subsided and returned to its normal rythm. I stopped at 2 and half weeks to play it safe. I did havet this all planned prior to the cycle, I just have never only cycled 2 and half weeks srykerman and I know that taking Nolvadex when Im running at normal levels can be counter productive. Thanks though for all the input, I really do appreciate it. In regards to cycling, that was my last one.



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