1. Methadrol-PCT

    what is the recommended PCT for methadrol?

    clomid, toremifene?
    pp's trs?

    doses of each?

    i'm reading up alot, i don't want to foul this up.

    Is it best to 'wane' of the cycle, so you don't abrubtly stop taking all the PCT products at once?

    I looked at the TRS 'schedule' online and it recommends to do the same amount of each product, all 4 weeks of PCT.

    ANY recommendations would be great


  2. also, what does anyone suggest while-on the m-drol cycle?
    just m-drol and support supps?

    i read in the TRS stack you start taking one part of the stack a few weeks before you end the PH cycle itself.

  3. 10/20/20

    Clomi 50/50/50/50
    PCT Assist
    Reduce XT or Suppress C
    Liver Assist XT

    might wanna get some cycle assist for on cycle
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

  4. i appreciate the response.

    i pm'd you with some questions

  5. Quote Originally Posted by the tiger View Post
    i appreciate the response.

    i pm'd you with some questions

    careful this stuff is pretty powerful
    Serious Nutrition Solutions



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