Post M-drol Cycle + PCT, Sensitive Nipples

  1. Exclamation Post M-drol Cycle + PCT, Sensitive Nipples

    so I did a 4 week cycle of M-drol at 20/20/20/20 and then ran nolva 30-20-20-10 alongside a natty test booster and everything was great but now after a week or so i'm noticing now my nipples are very sensitive. They hurt sometimes while i'm at the gym, and seem overly sensitive to temp changes. I was wondering if perhaps I should take some Inhibit E at low doses to combat this potential problem.
    any help is appreciated!

  2. i have the exact same problem. except i have a small bump underneath both sides. I started to take inhibit-e and they seem to have shrunk shrunk slightly. What is the proper protocol at this time?

  3. I'm pretty sure if you have lumps, you would be best going back on the Nolva if you have any left. The lumps are gyno, usually it starts with sensitive nipples then the lumps may come. The Inhibit-E should help though as you said it has. Here check this out, they know a lot more than I do. they talk about the ways to get rid of the lumps. Go to Google type in "lumps gyno" and it should be the first link.

  4. apparently you should opt for letro if possible

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