HAve I got a clue?? LOL

  1. HAve I got a clue?? LOL

    Hi I Posted up some questions around an epistane cycle I intend on starting in may.

    I have had previous gynocasmastia problems due to a poor SD cyle with inappropriate PCT choice(oxo-6). All the hype seamed to be just hype. I ended up going under the knife last monday.

    Now I have lined up some proper serms this time. Genox is basically a generic form of tamoxifen. Has anyone ever tried this generic form of the serm Nolvadex?

    A very kind poster advised me that I should maybe be looking at taking an AI alomg side my cycle. I was wondering if anyone could give me a heads up on a great AI that would be compatible with the Tamoxifen, and wether you would advise me to take it whilst I was on the epistane or wether I should use it as part of my PCT.

    I will be using cycle support supplements for my blood presure, liver and cardio system(anabolic innovations do a good range of cycle supports, any experience anyone??) and also a cortisol blocker(again I have a good idea which ones i'll use, but if anyone has any suggestions and why, i'd be very greatful).

    As far as the tamoxifen is concerned im wondering if I use the epistane at the rate of 30mg per day for 4 weeks, would it be best for me to cycle the tamoxifen at the rate of 40/30/20/20 or maybe 40/30/20/10 or even less? I dont want to over kill the PCT because im paranoid about gyno.

    Anyways thanks for reading.

  2. Nothing otc is going to compare to tamox.

    suppress c / reduce xt are what I reccomend for cortisol products, i kinda like the topical thing better but thats just me.

    pyramid up to see how youre reacting to the drug, not own. start no less than 30mgs as well
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

  3. Nah too right, I wont make the mistake of not having a serm in the house again.

    Todays been quite productive on this board.

    Im going to add formestane to my PCT around 2 weeks into it. Do you think I should stick to the relativly high Nolva cycle 40/30/20/20 seen as i'll be adding formestane as an AI? Or should I keep it as it is?

    Thanks for the cortisol products, this im still investigating, IBE products look quite good too.

    When you talk about pyramiding are you talkiong about the epistane? I think im just going to go for 30mg through out.


  4. I think you'll be fine with just nolva, or atleast if it was me I would just use nolva.

    yeah just start your epi at 30mgs and go from there, more than liekly you'll bump it up to 40mgs and keep it steady
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