To help get mum of my back !

  1. To help get mum of my back !

    Hi guys. My usual PCT set up is Nolvadex and reversitol by iforce.

    I have no problem getting the nolvadex as i can get it from a place by work.

    How ever i can't get rev that way. I need to order it online and mum always has ago at me about wasting my money on **** etc...........

    I have a suppliment shop that sells T-911 and gaspari novadex XT. would either of those two be ok on top of nolva ?

  2. What was your cycle?

    Usual protocol on most Designer Steroids is Nolva then a Test Booster. Why get Reversitol if you have a Serm? Why not just use your Nolva at 20/20/10/10 or for a harsher DS 40/40/20/20 then add in the Test Booster?

  3. sounds good man. so a natty test booster on top would do it ?

    I use an A.I as nolva makes me feel sick or be sick.

    I also used nolvadex whist on cycle 20mg each day to keep gyno away. is it true if i now use an a.i like reversitol i could stall my hpta ?

    some random dude said it could on another fourm. dont know if its b.s or not ?

  4. Not sure on that one to be honest. If it was a mild run like epi,hrol,pp,bold, ect.. Then Nolva and a natty test booster will be plenty. No need for reversitol if you are using a Serm. A Serm at 20/20/10/10 should more then handle what you ran

  5. just do what i do to get my way...

    i threaten my parents by saying "i'm going to put you in an elderly home. and a bad one."

    works like a charm



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