Newbie needs help with PCT

  1. Newbie needs help with PCT

    Hi guys, help needed.
    Took h-drol for 4 weeks and experienced some
    shrinking of my balls. little worried, new to prohormones
    and steroids,only 3rd cycle. Have been taking nolvadex 30/20/20/10
    along with Lean Fx and libido is still down and so are the size of my boys.
    in third week of pct and was wondering if i'm doing things the right way?
    My h-drol dosing all the way was 50mg per day.
    although i'm sure you guys are sick of answering questions like these
    i would be most grateful if you could answer this for me please.
    thank you for your time.

  2. some studies show, however I can't give you a link because it's in a book i own. Anabolics 9th edition.

    Some guys take several months to recover after cycle because SERM's prove ineffective against restarting your natural test to pre-cycle levels.

    You might want to read up on HCG.

    I'm sure others also have suggestions, you're at the right place.

  3. Thank you for your reply.
    Was hoping i wouldn't have to go the way of HCG, but will definitely
    look into it if there's no other way, thank you very much again.

  4. no problem,
    and I'm not saying there's no other way but it's certainly the strongest way.

    Other supps that might be helpful,
    Horny Goat Weed
    etc. But I'm not sure how effective they are to counteract suppression

  5. Will try them too but also heard they're not very effective for counteracting suppression.
    Hopefully all will be well, i still have 2 weeks left of pct but still a little concerned. could be jumping the gun,hopefully.

  6. If your shrinking like that you are going to have to jump on some hcg asap along with the Nolvadex!

  7. Quote Originally Posted by brianG626 View Post
    If your shrinking like that you are going to have to jump on some hcg asap along with the Nolvadex!
    Will i really?? A guy i know was saying they should return to normal size after my
    pct, so you really think hcg is needed??

  8. Ok I've to sign off as it is late here in Ireland and i'm up for work in a few hours,
    if there is any more information from anybody else it would be much appreciated
    and to those who've already replied thank you for your help,was also much appreciated.
    good night to all.

  9. this all sounds like a joke to me. read. research. hcg is not needed for four weeks of a ph. hcg when not needed could, and would work against you. also, hcg is not intended for pct, its intended while 'on' cycle to prevent the testes from shut down. nolvadex should work, if it didnt, up the dose. frontload it. and take trib

  10. i would order some clomid finish you pct and if thing are not right try the clomid it starts the boys a little better then nolva IMO.
    l-dopa during a pct realy helps me take it at night i'm useing somnidren right now good sh it
    do not use hcg on your pct


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