CEL P.C.T. Assist

  1. CEL P.C.T. Assist

    does anybody know who has this in stock? I've been everywhere and I can't find it. i even google shopped for it and still nothing. thanks for the help!

  2. dont forget u cant ask for links or anything of that sort...

  3. thanks i forgot

  4. its near impossible to find... a few sites i have spoken to said it is on Long Term Backorder.....

    i may have to go with AI PCS

  5. I can't speak for CEL, but I can vouge for AI's Post Cycle Support. It's somewhat pricey and I don't find the chocolate flavor to be that appetizing, but certainly worth it - What's worth more to you? Your wallet or your organs?

  6. Anabolic Innovations Stoked is quite similar to this product...
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