how should i run my pct for finaflex 550 sd???

  1. how should i run my pct for finaflex 550 sd???

    I currently have a 30 day supply of finaflex 550 xd. I am aware that there are some serious side effects such as gyno, stopping tesosterone production, and limp ****. Does anyone know how to prevent these side effects and also i have a bottle of post cycle tablets by IDS. Is this good enough for a post cycle or should I be taking something else? I plan on taking this supplement soon so appreciate any advice on how to take this product.

  2. k thanks i did a little research and i found nolva or toreifene? are they serms? is so how much and which one should i take?

  3. o thanks for the advice. i guess il be stayin away from that stuff then.

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