6-bromo added into PCT?

  1. Question 6-bromo added into PCT?

    Going to be finishing up an M-Drol/Tren run in about 2 more weeks. Wondering if I could add my 6-bromo into my PCT or is that a little too much after the SD/Tren?

  2. wats ur pct hopin a serm... if so, which it should be to be safe, and keep ur gains u need the estrogen take the 6 bromo after u have used the serm for a couple weeks

  3. Id personally just use clomi and than you dont gotta worry. 6 bromo, I dont see a reason if youre running clomi thats my .02
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  4. Going to be running Nolva. The place I get my stuff from is out of Clomid.. Guess I could run the 6-Bromo at a later time.
  5. dpfisher
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    I'm not opposed to running it ramped down starting last week on the serm- say 50/25/25eod, just to clear up any excess estrogen that accumulated during PCT. My last time on clomid I started getting a lot of sensitivity towards the end of PCT so I might give it a shot this time, unless anyone has a reason why not.

    People get real concerned about it having trace amounts of 4ad in it but the fact is 6br is dosed lower than 4ad so much so that even if say, 10% of it was 4ad it still wouldn't be a huge deal.



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