Estrogen Rebound

  1. Estrogen Rebound

    hey guys,

    i am currently running letro at 2.5mgs ED for a little gyno that i got from a var cycle about 2 months back. now the gyno is almost completely gone. im going to taper off the letro soon. 2.5, 2.0, 1.5, 1.0 0.5 0.25.

    my question is how long should i maintain the letro dose at 0.25mg?
    also, if i take clomid as a estrogen rebound prevention, at what dose should i run it and for how long?


  2. taper it down every 3 days until u get to .25 and then keep that on for a week straight, Once off the letro ur going to want nolva rather than clomid. And ur going to run nolva for 2 weeks 20/20.

  3. yea i'd go with tamox over clomid. Im pretty sure everyone
    would recommend this when dealing with anything estrogen related.

  4. thanks guys, i will keep you guys updated

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