Upcoming cycle and PCT

  1. Upcoming cycle and PCT

    Hi there all. First off im 26 yrs old, weighing about 202 5'10" and id guess about 14-16% bf. ( i can see my top 4 abs flexed)

    Coming late march-early april i plan to do my 5th overall AAS cycle. 2 of those cycles were for a competition, 1 to bulk and 1 to cut later on.

    Ive been clean for close to a year now and have the itch to put on some more serious muscle.

    w1-4 25mg dbol ed
    w1-10 500mg test e
    w1-6 600mg deca
    w6-14 50mg winny eod
    w10-14 200mg test prop eod

    i plan to use HCG through out cycle 250iu every 4 days from wk 3-8 then same from wk 11-14

    after that the standard 40/40/20/20 nolva and clomid 100/50/50
    with some test boosters, creatine mono, milk thistle and all my other staples (vitamins, zma, fish oils etc)

    this is roughly planned atm since im not starting it anytime soon.

    im going to continue the diet im doing right now which includes 300+g protein a day and cycle carbs and fat on off days and 30-40 min cardio 2-3 times week. (making good gains with that and creatine mono+ethyl ester)

    Ive never used HCG before and wish i would have, so this will be new to me.

    Any suggestions on how to modfiy the PCT/AAS cycle?

    any input is appreciated, i got plenty of time to fully plan this.

    The Canadian

  2. anyone got a yay or nay for me about any of this?
    i was thinkin of maybe throwing in a little bit of tren with the winny...

  3. sorry that i cannot be of assistance (aside from the bump), i'm curious as to where you came up with the hcg dosing.. it looks like a good way of doing it. my cycle is different but i'm also starting in april and doing 500mgs test e for 15 weeks so i'd like to see what some of the experts on this forum suggest as far as the hcg goes.

  4. i actually got the doses for the hcg from these forums. the plan that was actually for 16 week cycle but mines a little shorter....but well see u never know

    this will def be the longest cycle ive ever done. my others were never over 12 weeks.

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