My first cycle (need help!)

  1. My first cycle (need help!)

    I have purchased 20cc of 250mg deca and 20cc of 250mg test Cyp.

    I plan on taking 375/wk of deca and 500/wk of Cyp. Planning on taking the deca for 10 wks and Cyp for 12 weeks. I will probably start off with start off with lower doses the first 2 weeks and stagger off as well. Any advice or criticism would be much appreciated.

    I also have Anastrozole (I've heard is comparable to nolvadex) to take along side the cycle and for a couple weeks after.

    Should i also take clomid? If so when and for how long?

  2. Oh yeah everybody asks what your goals are and body type info on here so here it goes.

    about 15% body fat
    23 years old
    want to put on 15 to 20 lbs and lower body fat percentage

    Also very important... I want to keep as much of my gains as possible!

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