PCT development help

  1. PCT development help

    Ok, I am going to be running h-drol for 6 weeks (50/50/75/75/75/75) and need help building my Post Cycle Therapy

    So far I have CEL's PCT Assist and Gaspari's NovedexXT

    I know h-drol is mild compared to some other PH products, so is Nolva completely necessary? Or what about Clomi?

    How much and when should I start taking Assist? The immediate day after my last dose of h-drol? And what about the Novedex?

    Also, my friend can't find CEL PCT Assist, it's pretty rare now after the ban. So what separate supplements should he take that would be the equivalent? Milk thistle? Hawthorne?

  2. nolva/clomi is not necessary.

    last day of cycle = next day start pct.

    you'll use novedex xt 2/2/1/1
    pct assist
    optional reduce xt/ suppress c
    and liver assist xt

    PCT assist isnt banned, its a test booster and easy to find :P

    Cycle assist / PCT assist are 2 different things, do you have them mixed up?
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