Reversitol and Testabolan V2

  1. Reversitol and Testabolan V2

    For my mdrol pct i have:

    hawthorn berry
    milk thistle

    I also have 2 bottles each of iForce Reversitol and iForce Testabolan V2 that i was going to see if there was any use for them in my PCT...

    Also if there is anything else necessary

  2. jaundice and liver failure have been reported on m drol

  3. Quote Originally Posted by corsaking View Post
    jaundice and liver failure have been reported on m drol
    what are you saying...

  4. taken from****2054
    Dec. 14, 2009. Just saw a news broadcast on this product from a station in Houston, Texas. I just started using M-Drol a few weeks but am really glad I caught this story on the news. There have been numerous cases in which M-Drol caused jaundice and liver failure. Both of the guys interviewed stated they had been on M-Drol for up to 3 weeks when they noticed their eyes turning yellow, that they were fatigued, and went to the doctor or ER. They showed one guy in the hospital and his entire body was the color of a pumpkin! Both were told they now need liver transplants and neither had any problems with their liver before taking the product. I have reconsidered using this product and wanted to let people know what might happen. CHeck with your doctor before starting any supplements.

    M-Drol Lawsuit Filed Over Liver Damage From Dietary Supplement see

    theres no smoke without fire

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