pct headache

  1. Cool pct headache

    Just woundering if headaches are common on pct Im taking 50 mg clomid and 2 novedex xt at night this is my first week of pct coming off m-drol 1 a day for 12 days. Started to get sides so I got off it. Could someone tell me what I should be taking and in what order. I also im taking cycle assist. thanks

  2. hmmm have you gotten your bp measured? clomi can cause vision problems, it did for me, if you dose it to high. 50mgs is typical dose 100-300 being unnecssecarry and extreme.
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  3. Drop the clomid and "if you can" find the real Nolvadex. Less sides and in lots of users I've talked to worked very well right next to clomid without the horrible sides.

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