too late for pct!? what should i do.

  1. too late for pct!? what should i do.

    hi all

    i did a cycle about 6 months ago of primordial performance 1-T with epistane for 4 weeks.unfortuantely due to negligence and certain things goin on in my life my pct was pretty much non existent.stupid i know! safe to say i will never be as stupid again!

    anyway i feel like i am shutdown cant maintain or even get proper erections very often unless i take viagra!

    i am taking horny goat weed and trib. i was thinking of doing some nolva and sustain alpha to try and kickstart my test production but is it to late? would the nolva even have a postive effect now? an really struggling and really not sure what route to go down.

  2. id use clomid instead of nolva and maybe HCG once when u start the clomid along with some 6-bromo or ATD EOD. clomid 25-50mg for 6-8 wks could help. if u have a DR u can see id get a full hormonal panel done and seek treatment from an endo but if thats not possible then clomid , ai, natty test booster and hcg

  3. I would definitely at least jump on a test booster asap

  4. IMO, go ahead and run Nolva and sustain alpha. go to the Doc and get a hormone panel done but also tell him what you are on (nolva and sustain). u may wanna bring in sustain in case he does not know what it is. he prob knows what nolva is.
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  5. clomid is better for this situation or torem

  6. It isn't too late to run your PCT. Using injectibles shuts you down for quite a while and people run successful PCT after doing so.

    I would use your SERM of choice. Toremifene is reported to bring your balls back quicker but who knows. Nolva works fine for me.

    I wouldn't use an aromatase inhibitor or any ATD!!! This won't help you recover in my opinion and would only be useful if you are worried about gyno. If your libido is shot, ATD is going to make it worse, as will lowering estrogen make it worse.

    Just my opinion.

  7. If its been 6 months you need to go to the dr. You should be recoverd by now even without pct.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Jstrong20 View Post
    If its been 6 months you need to go to the dr. You should be recoverd by now even without pct.

    no need for pct this long out IMO / IME
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  9. i took a ph cycle about 5 months ago with a ****ty pct and i went through the same thing my libido is getting better but not to where it was, i started clomid yesterday i hope it helps

  10. just take clomid consistently tapering down from 75mg a day to 25 mg a day over 5-6 weeks and you'll likely be fine man. clomid works better in my experience than nolva.


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