Clomid to boost T levels...

  1. Clomid to boost T levels...

    So heres the thing. I haven't run a PH or anything harsh in over a year. Last thing I took was primordial performances stack (testosterone recovery stack) about 3 months ago. Didn't really help much to say the least.

    My t-levels for past 2-3 months have fluctuated between the 420-530 range. Besides having low t symptoms, I also have lyme disease. Many of the symptoms go hand in hand so its hard to distinguish what causes what. My endo said he would put me on test shots or gel if I wanted; but I don't want to go that route being only in my early 20's. I suggested clomid or nolva to him and he advises against it primarily because he doesn't prescribe it and doesn't know much about the effects.

    I'd like to do a 3-4 week run of clomid to see where I can get my levels back up to. I strongly believe that my test should be higher because before I got sick, I was in the 600s and felt great.

    Given the above info, what kindof dose would you recommend? I was thinking 50/50/25/25...


    P.S. : the TRS stack gave me and a friend gyno in our right breast.

  2. bump someones gotta know

  3. dog, there is no noticeable difference between 530 and 600 as far as test goes. also this number will vary from day to day and even hour to hour. Your test levels are totally normal. I had pre-cycle test of 480 and post-cycle was 1000+ and I felt no different. You're feeling like crap cause of the lyme disease. Pleeeeeeeeeeease don't go on trt, that's only gonna make this worse.

    That being said, I'd recomend nolva over clomid if you wanna get your test levels up higher (although they are unlikely to stay there). Run it at 20mg ED for 4 weeks and follow with aromasin/extremestane at 12.5mg ED for 2 weeks. The aromasin/extremestane part is optional but nolva and clomid both upregulate SHBG which equals high conversion of test to estro and given that you have gotten gyno before it might be a good idea.

    P.S. sorry bout the TRS. PP blows, but did you get the gyno taken care of or is it still there?

  4. I'll agree wtih j3ffbeck. good advice.

  5. gynos still there. going for a surgical consultation at the end of the month. pretty sure theyl biopsy it to see exactly what it is.



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