I was wondering if any one has used torem with clomid for PCT?
I was planning on using the standard Nolva/Clomid PCT, but have some very positive experience with torem and was looking for input. It would be a PCT for the following cycle:
1-12 test-e 500-600
1-12 NPP 300-450
10-14 Epi 25mg daily
arimidex, proviron and HCG were used along with a slew of support sups.

I have used a torem only cycle for an oral cycle in the past with success.
My two main concerns would be:
1) Would this be enough gyno control/protection? Could you add letro?
2) Would this fry/explode your nuts? You laugh, but my nuts ached off torem and I haven't used clomid, but could it be overkill?