Blood work

  1. Blood work

    I was pretty straight up with doc and told him I was 3 weeks into PCT. He wasn't happy, but he liked the fact that I shot straight with him. They drew the blood on 21st, I should have results by next week. He also had me give a urine sample, didn't say why but.....oh well. It'll come back with benzos in it which are perscribed and I use to sleep, but thats it. I guess I'll see what my Mdrol tren stack did to my innards. Oh yeah, using liquid clomid and tomaxfine right now. I got refered to this guy by someone I trust, I don't care what his opinion is of me...I just want the lab work. I'll post my results as soon as I get them.


  2. subbed.. Cant wait to see some numbers!

  3. You can get blood work done without going through a doctor, they have some labs that charge between 35-65$ and they mail the results to your home. If you don't want to bother explaining yourself to a doctor

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