Pct for m14add bridge w/ halovar stack

  1. Exclamation Pct for m14add bridge w/ halovar stack

    Zma-start last last 3 days of cycle onward
    supress c-0/0/100/75/50/25
    recycle-1st day of pct
    hawethorn berry

    hows this look???


  2. Do evaluate...

  3. first weres the serm? second what doses are u running the hdrol and m14 at? third what are ur stats? age, ht, wt?

  4. my bad forgot to type in reversitrol...stats 21, 150lbs, 5'3'' 11-12%bf recomp diet and dosage of m14-30/60/90/30 halo-50/50/50/50

  5. 30 mg of m14ad is going to be very dissapointing . and tapering back down to 30 is even more dissapointing in the end. at least run it 90 for 4 weeks. and just so you kno reversitol IS NOT a SERM. reversitol is a prop blended AI. not the same .


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