PCT and Cortisol Control

  1. PCT and Cortisol Control

    Why do people generally wait untill the start of the 3rd week of PCT in order to begin anti-cortisol supplements? Why not from the start of PCT?

    P.S. If you're going to say that cortisol doesn't raise significantly until then please provide a reference.


  2. I dont have a reference, but the AAS thats been building up in your body stops normal cortisol production if I remember correctly, when you get off and into PCT it normally takes around 2 weeks for cort. production to start up and rise... Again, sorry for not having any references..

  3. That doesn't really make sense unless you're talking about AAS with esters attached that would cause them to have longer clearance rates. The oral DS that most people use here only have a half-life of under a day. by the next day after your last dose they are essentially out of your system--there is no building up. The only way this could make sense is if the DS alter other systems in the body that affect cortisol production and it takes time for those systems to return to baseline after the end of your cycle.


  4. http://articles.muscletalk.co.uk/art...treatment.aspx

    Here is an article related generally towards PCT of OTC ph/ds, and it talks somewhat about cort levels. Its says that cort levels will slowly rise during pcta nd start getting high in week 2-3 of PCT..

  5. And with more research I have done on cortisol, it is highly overrated and vit. c alone would lower levels. Highest cortisol levels are in the morning and post workout. Take 1g vit c when you wake up and after workout and you are fine...



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