Torem PCT starts ealry...Today!

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  1. Torem PCT starts ealry...Today!

    So, if you looked in the anabolics section, you know I have a lab test coming up and cut my m-drol/p-plex cycle short. So, been super dosing liv. 52 and milk thistle and started my PCT a few minutes ago with a 120mg dose of liquid toremifene citrate, as my last p-plex dose was aprox. 24 hours ago. I will dose it 120mg for 2 more days at 6pm. Then, follow this schedule: 90/60/60/30. I will post how I feel on the torem, the "boys" size, training in the gym and gains kept, etc... For one thing, taking 4 dropper fulls numbs the throat with a terrible taste that im not sure I can explain, worst taste than nolva for sure...

    Supplements on PCT:

    Con Cret
    BCAA pills
    All support supps. taken while on cycle
    Natural multi vit.
    Natty test booster
    Lean Xtream- start 3 weeks into PCT

    Gained around 10 lbs. on cycle, hoping to keep between 75-85 percent of the gains while continuing my bulking diet.

  2. subbed to see how torem works for u . i know some people say its btter than nolva or clomid, but everything works different for each individual. hope everything goes well with the labs and u can keep ur gains

  3. Awesome, ya, I have high hopes for Torem... Well, I feel more energized now after taking the torem, however, that could be a placebo effect or the carbs I ate xD...

  4. Well, been about 2 hours since dosage and the boys are noticeably larger, and energy is still increasing...

  5. Just finished a fantastic leg workout, strength is still up as well as weight. I did lose the all day pump, but I dont mind, will get it back when I get on con cret and aakg... Just drank some whey and gonna load up on dem carbs ...

  6. Woke up with a boner that lasted almost 30 minutes xD.. Boys still getting fuller, I still feel great. I also realized I phucked up my dosing last night. Was supposed to take 120mg... Actally took 240mg; forgot it was 60mg per ml and not 30mg per ml... Oh well, gonna take 120mg at about 6pm and 90 mg tomorrow at 6pm, then gonna lower to 60mg rest of the week. Then 60/30/30... I must say, so far I feel the Torem is working better than Nolva IMO... Appetite is good, which i great! Going to do a back workout around 4pm, and havent started con cret yet as it is one of my stocking stuffers ...

  7. Quote Originally Posted by gamer2be08 View Post
    Well, been about 2 hours since dosage and the boys are noticeably larger, and energy is still increasing...
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  8. Just got out of gym, great back workout. Focus and energy were high, and strength is still there. Weight is holding. Dosed torem at 120mg an hour ago. It still doesnt feel like im on PCT, torem is doing a great job so far. Boys are still increasing in size and density.

  9. So happy with my m-drol cycle, gonna get another bottle to use next year!

  10. Already have next cycle planned out for March, gonna use the rest of my m-drol and p-plex...


    Thats all the m-drol and p-plex I have left, so it is just going to have to make due.. I have 25 capsules left of m-drol and 55 left of p-plex, does anyone know of any better way to bridge/stack the 2 compounds more efficiently than my own plan?

  11. Wow, read some pretty crazy sides of milk thistle: heartburn, gas, diarrhea, joint pain and sexual dysfunction. So far, my joints have been increasing in dryness/pain as I have been taking about 3 grams of milk thistle a day. Think im gonna stop that now and just continue with liv. 52. Milk thistle can have estrogenic side effects =O...

  12. Good chest workout today, energy was high, woke up to another boner... PCT seems to be going well, only lost 1lb as of now.. Started my chest session with "the perfect rep" method; did 1 warmup set at 4 reps and 6 sets of 3-4 reps each set. Moved into normal and incline dumbbell chest press, flies, cable cross and finished with 3 sets of BW dips. Energy levels increased after gym, aggression is still climbing and acne is coming back which hopefully means my Test is rising from the Torem.

  13. bro you should run torem SOLO to see its true effects, stacking with a natty booster, will give bias reviews

  14. I am running the torem solo =), I decided to opt out of the t-booster for now...

  15. After more cortisol research, im also opting out of the lean xtreme and leaning towards vitamin c supplementation when I wake up and post workout...

  16. Cant wait to start Con Cret tomorrow (rest day), have heard good things about it; would give my PCT an added boost....

  17. torem is great stuff man.. ive used nolva, clomid, torem, and ralox... i really really like torem.. its a cross between clomid and nolva.. it actually brings my boys back better then clomid, and increases my sex drive like no other.. last time i used it in pct, my nuts actually hurt.. they got gigantic and it felt like blue balls all day.. when i ended my pct, i felt better then before i even started my cycle..
    I am currently using it for the second time..just started my second week of pct yesterday.. im dosing pct like this 120mgx 4 days..90mg x 7days, 60mg x 10 days, 30mg x 3 days.. i have lots of other goodies in pct also... i feel u on that taste tho... its pretty bad... and yes it numbs the **** out of my throat... just curious.. if your using ID's blue torem... thats what im currently using.. i used it in the past with great success

    i dont understand how u are using vitamin c for cortisol control?? how will that work.. i have no cortisol control right now, but am looking for something, id rather not spend all that money on lean xtreme... also good luck with your bloodwork.. i had to go to the doc a couple days ago to get mandatory blood work, and ill tell u what ur cholestrol is gonna be fu##ed up good luck.. mine was looking bad.. (6 weeks test prop with 5 weeks high dose pplex) not too bad tho.. but u threw in sd also so im sure u might have some problems there...btw.. i used cycle support and fish oil during cycle, also had lots of efas and healthy fats and cholestrol was still bad

  18. Vitamin C is said to be good at controlling cortisol levels ... Look it up mate.. Dosed torem 120mg last night and woke up with a boner that lasted damn near an hour. Again, I am using torem stand alone, no test boosters etc... Started Con Cret today (conjugated creatine) and im starting to feel harder/fuller.... Again, today is my rest day... Energy levels are still up, my general well being is great. Slight acne showing up, aggression flares at points... Pecs are sore from yesterday xD... Still eating and training like a beast.. Appetite is high... Oh and I took/still take all my support supps like fish oil, h. berry, saw palmetto, liv. 52, coq10... Stopped milk thistle as my joints started drying bad and hurt worst than they usually do...

  19. Hydroxycitric acid and berberine may drastically help cholesterol levels

  20. Thanks for that, I might go pick some up!

  21. Since im using con cret, I might as well review the product as well... I have used regular mono, micronized mono and kre alk. They have all worked well for me. I got some con cret as a stocking stuffer, and took my first dose today.... GOOD STUFF.. Already feel it.. Rest day is going as it should... Real phuckin boring.... Oh well...

  22. Still doesnt feel like im on PCT, acne is increasing and appetite is increasing... Torem is working great so far...

  23. Woke up with the soldier standing at attention for another hour xD... Its starting to get annoying because I also have to piss real bad xD...

  24. Where'd you get your torem from? The stuff from ID tastes pretty good to me. Then again I didn't mind the clomid from RUI either haha.

  25. Great shoulder/triceps workout, incorporated the perfect rep training style into my close grip bench and normal bench on chest day... Energy and focus was high and appetite is even higher now. Acne is still increasing and aggression is high as well... Note: The torem seems to of reduced nipple puffiness significantly. Vascularity is high as hell, like im still on cycle, and muscles are hard as a rock; probably from the con cret. I can already tell torem is going to be my SERM from now on...


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