pct v 2.0. lil wiser but still need assist

  1. pct v 2.0. lil wiser but still need assist

    ok i posted before, and was freakin clueless. Gamer was cool enough to hook me up with some info, so i'm re-posting...

    to recap, my back story is that i've used every ph i could ever get my paws on, maybe 8-9 cycles'worth, including PP twice in 07 and the dreaded decabolen twice in the past year, and a few weeks each of dbol and winstrol not long ago as well. i knew enough to do milk thistle but never once did pct aside novedex xt, which i thought was supposed to be strong as s*** but i found out that really aint cuttin it. to my credit, i always did stay with the lowest dose i could of the ph/aas, but the damage was still done. you can guess all the sides that have been/are still beatin me up, since i've been liftin 10 years and used ph's averaging once a year throughout so im thinkin:
    SERMs (yea, combining both)
    Torem ?/?/?/?
    Clomid 75/50/25/25 ?
    w/ Liv 52 and Milk Thistle every day i'm on the SERMS
    Natty T Booster + AI:
    Hypertest & Topical Formestane, week three of pct til the bottles are done, with a slight tapering off of formestane at the end.
    Cortisol Suppression:
    Lean Xtreme, cuz i just got done a rough ass semester of college, last one, while still workin every day, drivin hours daily, etc. Stress through the roof, im sure my cortisol levels are wayy above where they should be, and my thyroid has def been beat up throughout the years
    reg workout supps:

    Volu-Gro (creatine)
    NO-Shotgun pre WO (maybe not right away)
    BCAA's between meals
    Lotta protein

    New questions:

    Knowing my bad history and current low levels of everything good and high levels of everything bad (definite HPTA suppression is apparent...very low libido, boys are seriously hurtin, soldier cant stand much, aggression is low, training desire is low, fat burning and muscle building ability is low etc etc etc) can anybody comment on the following:

    1.How should i run this torem?

    2. That clomid dose is enough right?

    3. Anybody have a different natty T booster to suggest?

    4. What are these "support supps" people are talkin about? I already included em above right?

    5. Lastly ... im not really sure where im even going training-wise. I can handle that part, easy enough. I know how to bulk and how to cut. Right now i just wanna feel good, ya know? Havent really trained in a few weeks, and really havent been able to kill it since ive been off the decabolen (finished it around halloween) so I'm gonna be goin light to medium volume (3 sets/exercise excluding warmup, 3 exercises/small bodypart, 4 exercises/large bodypart), medium weights, basic compound exercises and im gonna TRY to do anything other than mega high intensity (that's really all i've ever known tho...easin off the gas pedal is rough, i see that iron and just get turned into an animal (albeit a scientific one)who cant stop til it cant move... like pretty much everybody else on here im sure...anybody think anything different would be wise?

    6. anything else i'm missin

    All comments on any points of this post are welcomed...flames, whatever...just tryin to learn


    PS somebody wanna tell me what "bump" means??

    oh yea and "bridge" is where youre finishin one course of ph or whatever and you go right into another right

  2. Dose Torem: 120 first 3 days/90/60/30
    Clomid: 75/50/50/25

    If need be, add a couple more weeks to PCT. at 30/30 for Torem and 25/25 for the Clomid.
    If you dont have enough Torem to dose like that, you should be fine at lower doses, less weeks of usage. Thats just how I would dose those two if I were in your current condition.

  3. Oh and bump means you are bringing the thread back up to the top to gain more feedback.

  4. muchas gracias...what are the support supps?

  5. Just get some cycle support. Covers pretty much everything. Cheaper as well than getting everything individually.. Thats what I did haha...

  6. just to clarify -- thats "POST cycle support" right, not the reg Cycle Support -- seems common sense, but you know..


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