A test for Novla?

  1. A test for Novla?

    Quick question.....Im about to start a 4 week cycle of Epi, 20/30/30/40. I have Tamoxifin as my SERM PCT. My question is how do I know this is legit stuff? I dont want to get to the end of my cycle and start taking a suger pill for PCT when I think its something else. I have done some research, tryin to look for pictures of the packing it came in and stuff but Im still unsure.

    Lets say I take a dose of it right now.......will it make me feel a certin way so I know its real?

    This is my first cycle and am a little hesitent about this noval being real. I planed on doseing as posed abvove then running the novla at 20/20/10/10. Willl this be ok? or should I add in an AI like Novadex XT in my last week or 2 of PCT?

    Any help would be appreciated

  2. Get me a pic of your "Nolva" and I might be able to help you out... What brand is it, pm me where you attained it from etc... All this info can help you out...

  3. I wish I could, I have no means of takin a picture or anything like that, The most I can do is explain what it looks like, To be honest it looks pretty legit in its little foil package, but then again what the hell do I know??

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