Overdoing PCT after Epi Cycle

  1. Overdoing PCT after Epi Cycle

    I am about to start my PCT after a 6 week Epi Cycle. (4 weeks pulsing and 2 weeks every day) and I am concerned I am overdoing it, or doubling up on compounds. Any advice would be very appreciated. I have included the ingredients at the bottom of the thread for your convenience.

    I have Clomid, Nolva, Formestane, Reversitol, PCT Assist, Lean FX and Novedex XT. I want to check to see if I am overdoing it, or doubling up on some ingredients. In the past I just used clomid but I'm going all out this time.

    I will use the Clomid 150/100/100/50
    I'll keep the Nolva as backup in case of Gyno but wont use otherwise

    Now I have a few questions about the other stuff:

    I know Formestane is a different compound to the anti-estrogen compounds in Reversitrol (6-Bromo and Trans-resveratrol), so is it beneficial/dangerous/unnessessary to take both Formestane and Reversitol?

    PCT Assist and Reversitol both have Trans-resveratrol in them. Am I taking too much if I take both? Unfortunately Reversitol doesn't say how much is in it.

    Reversitol says it is a cort-blocker too. But I don't see any cort-blocking ingredients in it. So I got Lean FX. Am I right here?

    I have some Nolvadex XT lying around that I haven't found a good use for yet. But Reversitol has ATD in it (again don't know how much). Nolvadex XT is all ATD right? So do I need to take NXT as well as Reversitol?

    I am more concerned about overdoing my PCT, but if you think I have missed anything please let me know.


    Formestane (topical) 100mg (4-hydrodxyandrostenedione) - Anti-Estrogen

    6-Bromo - Anti-Estrogen
    ATD - aromatize inhibitor
    Trans-resveratrol - blocks estrogen receptors.

    PCT Assist
    Trans-resveratrol 600mg - blocks estrogen receptors
    Quercitin 600mg - helps to inhibit estrone sulfase therefore helps with the absorption of resveratrol and icariin
    Indol 3 Carbinal 175mg - help increase beneficial estrogen metabolites while decreasing the ębad' estrone metabolites.
    Icariin (Horney Goat Weed) 250mg - increase circulating testosterone levels as well as help improve sex drive
    Coleus Forkohlii 100mg - ???Don't know this one.
    Peperine 20mg - enhance absorption of nutrients and phytochemicals in the intestines

    Lean FX
    Cortisol blocker

    Novedex XT
    An ATD matrix I believe

  2. Bump.. Anyone know any of these qn's?

  3. u only need one AI at the most since ur using a serm . so pick from what u have and only use one of them. (novedex xt, form, reversitol), and use ur pct assist and lean fx starting week three of pct. and whatever ai u chose start week three and remember to taper off it

  4. Ok Thanks a lot. But why don't you run them from the start with the SERM?

  5. using an AI in the begining of PCT will destroy estrogen and thats not what u want. no estro leads to no libido and a host of other unwanted things. some estrogen in balance with restoring ur natty test is what u want. so thats where the Clomid comes into play. it Selectively inhibits estrogen at certain receptors. nolva has more affiinity for estro in breast tissue but clomid has been shown in some instances to raise test quicker by stimulating lh. so neway u want the serm to do its job for the first two weeks and then u can start the ai to deal with the estrogen that could rebound while test is going up and u are lowering the serm dose. basically u want some estrogen at all times or u cant build muscle either.

  6. gotcha.
    Thanks a lot.

  7. no problem bro glad i could help good luck with ur cycle


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