Nolva: with PCS alone? Or with HDX2 as well?

  1. Nolva: with PCS alone? Or with HDX2 as well?

    Using Nolva for PCT.

    Have HDX2 and PCS - thoughts on either using one or both during PCT? Is that over kill?

    I know HDX2 = 6 Bromo... is 6 Bromo in PCS as well?

  2. nolva
    cel pcs
    sns reduce xt

    pct done
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  3. Dont want to buy anything else really tho - just looking to see if its worth throwing HDX2 into the mix with Nolva and PCS?

  4. I think youd fine w/ just nolva and Pcs
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  5. The Nolva and PCS should work very well. I would start the PCS in week 3 of pct and run it for 4 weeks.
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