Law enforcement and SERMS

  1. Law enforcement and SERMS

    I am going to college for a career in criminal justice and wanted to know would using a SERM hurt my chances of getting hired after i graduate?

  2. Ive applied to plenty of PD depts at this point.... Ill tell you use at your own risk. If your questioned about it be truthful, if your get caught lying on the polygraph youve lost your chances. Some Depts are more thourgh then others.

    If you dont want to risk your chances Id say away from them, and anything else illegal obviously.

  3. Don't do it... It's only going to hurt your chances. It'll fall under drug use.

  4. k thanks guys. im going to run a mild cycle with hdrol so i thought id see about using a serm but ill just stick to otc pct.

  5. That's a good choice. If you did use it and admitted it you would most likely not pass the background over drug use.

  6. yea i was just checking before i made my decision. im not looking at ruining my carreer choice bc i used a research chem.

  7. Yeah... sounds like it isn't worth it.

  8. Go legal just to be safe. You might want to advance to another position later that is more strict. And FYI there is no money and very little respect in this field but I still say do it!

  9. Let me put it this way. Your posting here. If you go for a Gov't job do you think they will check your background?

    Just what does the Gov't monitor?

    Why take chances.

    pm me, i'll tell you one hell of a story about working for the man, um big brother!

  10. research chems are legal......

  11. legal to buy for research purposes but as soon as you consume it its illegal.

  12. haha...

    well go ahead and sacrifice your recovery and possibly gyno so that you can pass that polygraph.

    If I were the OP, I just wouldn't do steroids until I get the job...or convince yourself that the SERM is legal so you pass lol.

    From first hand experience, Ill have to say that OTC pct's are simply retarded, risky, and unpredictable. I would never run ANYTHING that had ANY potential to shut me down without using clomid at 25mg/day for a few weeks afterwards. Theres NO reason not to run a SERM when you are dealing with your testosterone levels.

    OTC pct's simply DO NOT stimulate LH as strongly. Nothing, I don't care if its dermacrine, DTHC, any kind of OTC AI...AI's are completely pointless during PCT for boosting T. They simply screw up your Estrogen even moreso if you were on a non-aromatizing cycle like h-drol or epi.

    I've tried and blood tested with OTC crap...I ran Reversitol+DTHC. I've also ran clomid at low doses for a few weeks and it boosted the SH*T out of my T in comparison.


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