nolvadex tab ID

  1. nolvadex tab ID

    Whats up everybody I just got some nolvadex and need to know if the tabs are legitimate. Small, round, pinkish in color, with "N" on one side and "20" on the other. Any help would be much appreciated.

  2. There are so many types of nolvadex. Try to look it up online
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  3. Yea man tried that but no luck. The search isn't over, I just want to make sure they're legitimate because they came in the sketchiest little envelope. Probably designed to get through customs without being confiscated.

  4. what type of package are the pills in? Foil?
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  5. Sealed plastic wrap. Apparently manufactured by the source itself, so no way of telling whether they are real or not on pill ID websites.

  6. I had nolvadex shipped the same way. Except my came with a phony prescription for ED. It came in a air sealed plastic bag. The nolva was white, square, very small, had a 20 on one side, and a diagonal line on the other. It looked very sketchy...but it worked fantastic.


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